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Sound for Picture

• Game Trailers,  Movie Trailers, Commercials, Promo, Presentations, Reels, Branded, BTS, Social, Radio, Shorts,  and more

• Un-Scripted & Scripted Series, Specials, Shiny Floor Shows and more

• Feature Length Movies & Documentaries

Sound Mix

Post Sound Mixing to support, strengthen and heighten the impact of the moving picture,  in all the most popular formats; Stereo, 5.1 & 7.1 Surround and Dolby Atmos Immersive sound.

Sound for Picture

The sound should not divert the attention of the viewer away from the story, not even for a second. Even if you think the sound is amazing, I believe it is actually a disservice to the story and the overall experience.


Sound Design

Creatively select, fashion, manipulate, twist, bend... sounds to craft the perfect soundscape.  Incorporating custom recorded elements, hard effects, foley, vocalizations, laughs, audiences and backgrounds.

Aurally Inspired

Make it Stimulating!  Peaceful ocean waves on the beach late at night, gentle thunder and rainfall in the mountains, and the huge, devastating sound of an action sequence with panicked gunfire, knives, screaming, destruction, dissonant tones, airplane engines, sweaty chicken feet, brutal face blows with flying teeth, and gasping for air.

Dialog & Music Seperation

Removal of unwanted Music or Dialog from audio tracks that contain Dialog and Music mixed together.


Utilizing new technologies various tools and techniques amazing results can be accomplished.

Audio Restoration

Remove distracting background noise, room echo, other imperfections and enhance your audio to sound like a pro.

"tinny" or "dampened"?

Isolation, regeneration and enhancing the audio quality back to its best possible state.

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Post Sound Mix & Design